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The work performed for 3M was up to our exacting standards.Ai?? Most importantly all benchmarks were met, including cost, timeline, savings and return on investment buy neurontin, buy dapoxetine. . It was the dedication and hard work of [Energy Edge Technologiesai??i??] team of engineers, project managers, electricians and HVAC professionals that led to a successful overall project.


Since the installation in our office building we have been enjoying the following benefits: an 18% reduction in our kilowatt hours and an average $11,000 per month decrease on our monthly electric bills. I simply cannot say enough. The Energy Edge Solutions’ staff was courteous and professional and the whole installation was transparent.

BNY Mellon

The work Energy Edge Solutions did was professional and the savings are exactly what they said they would be. The installation and operation of equipment really is turnkey and truly does not change how we operate one iota. I would never profess to knowing all the engineering principles behind what the company does but I certainly understand the positive impact your work is having on UBS’ financials.


We are very pleased with the results and we are pleased that the actual conservation of energy is greater than what was guaranteed. The program is a “no-brainer” and we firmly believe that all businesses can benefit from it. In fact, we here at Franklin Consulting believe that all businesses have the environmental, societal and financial obligation to take full advantage of programs like Energy Edge Technologiesai??i??.

Franklin Consulting

Since the installation of your proven technologies we have seen an average kWh reduction of 14.25%. We are very happy to report this is well above the 9.95% you originally guaranteed to save the Club. Copper Hill Country Club is extremely pleased with the work Energy Edge Solutions did for us and especially the energy savings we continue to see. The team has done everything you promised to do and more.

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Copper Hill Country Club

The work done by Energy Edge Solutions was nothing short of stellar. The contracted reduction in kilowatt consumption was to be 12.5%. The work is producing an 18.9% reduction over comparable production levels from this time last year. We cannot be more pleased. And as an engineer I am even more thrilled by the power quality improvements to the facility.


Thank you again for assembling such a competent staff and making this sizable and daunting project, as they say, a piece of cake.


Your project management and installation crews have done a superlative job and have been excellent to work with.Ai?? The materials and workmanship are the highest quality and the efforts of your team speak for themselves.Ai??We think the results are striking! Our experience in working with you has been first rate from the very start and I highly recommend Energy Edge Solutions as a quality organization.

Pepperidge Farm

The results from our energy cost reduction program have far exceeded the levels you guaranteed and are way beyond anything we could have hoped for. Our current electrical cost savings of 18.9% are nearly 5 percentage points higher than the 13.66% you guaranteed. And the current gas savings of 31.85% are more than double the 12.41% promised! It’s hard to imagine many other financial investments we could have made that would have been as profitable. I can wholeheartedly recommend Energy Edge to any organization looking to reduce energy costs.