Energy Edge Solutions

Power Quality Improvements

Harmonics are multiples of the fundamental electrical frequency. High levels of harmonics are often behind problems such as overheated transformers and conductors, wasted energy, tripped circuit breakers, equipment failures and blown fuses. Energy Edge Solutions can help alleviate many of these problems by cancelling a portion of the harmonic disturbances normally produced by non-linear electrical loads. Mitigating harmonics conserves energy and ensures production and processes are no longer interrupted.

When it comes to electric power, there are two types. First is active power, which is measured in kilowatts and produces all the work behind equipment at industrial and commercial facilities. And then there is reactive power, which generates the magnetic fields required for motor operation and is often referred to as “apparent power.” Power factor refers to the ratio of the two. A low power factor indicates an inefficient use of electrical power and causes distribution losses, which can result in fees and penalties assessed on you by your power company. With power factor correction, Energy Edge Solutions can eliminate distribution losses from your electrical system and, more importantly, penalties from your utility bills.