Energy Edge Solutions

Heat Recovery

Heat recovery/ super condensing provides for a more efficient use of heat energy generated in the combustion process by recapturing the heat energy created and reusing it to heat the combustion air.  Thereby reducing the amount of gas used in the combustion process.

Ambient air is feed through the HRT-SCU heat exchanger in a backflow direction.  The effluent heats the influent to increase the source air temperature to within just 30 or 40 degrees of the boiler temperature set point. The influent and the effluent air are never mixed.  The heated source air lowers the amount of energy consumed by the boiler to reach the set point temperature.  The boiler will need to cycle less often, and for shorter durations.

An additional benefit is that the effluent routed into the HRT-SCU is reclaimed by cooling with incoming air.  The result is condensate and practically all of the emissions from the combustion process safely and cleanly flow out with the condensate and not up the stack and into the air.