Energy Edge Solutions

Demand Response & Load Curtailment Programs

Taking advantage of demand response and load curtailment programs can mean tens of thousands of dollars in extra revenue for your organization each and every year. Energy Edge Solutions helps companies take advantage of these programs, which are offered by regional transmission organizations (RTOs) to help prevent blackouts and meet growing energy demands. Your company can receive guaranteed recurring payments simply by voluntarily curbing your facility’s electricity consumption if and when capacity is needed by the utility grid operators. Best of all, there is no cost to participate. Energy Edge Solutions installs all required equipment, enrolls clients in the program(s) and provides access to real-time energy data through a web-based management system.

There are numerous benefits to participating in these programs, including:

  • A nonstop revenue stream, even if the extra electrical capacity your facility provides is never actually needed or requested
  • Advanced notification of blackouts that allows you to prepare and protect your building and operations
  • Reduced impact on the environment
  • A leading, comprehensive energy management system that allows you to permanently reduce the amount of energy your facility uses