Energy Edge Solutions

Guaranteed Energy Savings

Our Promise to You

Are high energy costs eroding your bottom line? With a guaranteed energy savings project from Energy Edge Solutions, youai??i??ll watch those monthly expenses immediately plummet by 8% to 30% or more. We specialize in full-service solutions for reducing electric, gas and water bills, and make certain youai??i??ll experience a return on investment of 30% to 60%.

Still not sure? Consider this:

Our Work is Self-Funding

All the work Energy Edge Solutions does is self-funding. Literally. With guaranteed energy savings of anywhere from 8% to 30%, our fees are covered entirely by funds youai??i??d otherwise be sending to the utility companies each and every month.

And youai??i??ll still have money leftover. Our monthly lease and financing options are always well below the savings youai??i??ll experience, giving you unplanned extra cash flow each month to spend as you please. Depending on the size of your current bills, you could see tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the first year alone.

Itai??i??s Risk Free

By ai???risk free,ai??? we mean youai??i??ll get an actual refund if our guaranteed energy savings plan doesnai??i??t deliver as promised. Unlike our competitors, Energy Edge Solutions backs every one of our promises with an insurance policy underwritten by Lloyds of London. The process is simple: Before any work begins, weai??i??ll set detailed savings and payback benchmarks specific to your facility. If youai??i??re not experiencing the guaranteed return on investment by the predetermined dates, you will receive a check for the difference.

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No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Donai??i??t want to spend capital upfront? No problem. With our lease financing options, you can completely eliminate any out-of-pocket expenses and enjoy positive cash flow immediately with no expenditure of capital. Thatai??i??s right. No upfront costs and immediate cash flow enrichment from day one.

Having the option of a program with guaranteed energy savings really solidified our decision. Energy Edge has really helped us reduce utility costs and experience great savings.
- Doug Steinly, Vice President, HealthQuest