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October 18, 2011

Heat Your Home without Burning a Hole in Energy Bills

The calendar officially says fall and, believe it or not, winter is right around the corner. generic neurontin, generic dapoxetine. Unfortunately, the colder months can be some of the priciest due to heating bills. While the cost to heat your home can vary based on where you live ai??i?? [...]

October 5, 2011

How to be More Energy Efficient Every Time You Click Send

There are ways to be more energy efficient that might surprise you. Not necessarily because they are so ground breaking or shocking, but because they take a second look at something you use so effortlessly, it probably wouldnai??i??t occur to you that thereai??i??s a better way of doing it. For [...]

September 26, 2011

Energy Edge Solutions and Yuengling Brewing Take ai???Whole Facilityai??i?? Approach to Energy Cost Reduction

Reduced Energy Consumption for Yuengling by 13% Bridgewater, NJ ai??i?? Ai??Energy Edge Solutions (OTCBB: EEDG.OB) recently reported the results of a major energy-efficient analysis and facility upgrade for a Yuengling Brewery located in Tampa, Florida. Ai??Energy Edge provided a 14.3% reduction in overall energy consumption, improved light quality and a [...]

September 22, 2011

Go, Go Gadget Efficiency

Thereai??i??s no way to deny itai??i??weai??i??re a culture of gadgets. We love our laptops, MP3 players, tablets, readers, headphones, digital cameras, DVRs, smart doxycycline without prescription, zithromax without prescription. phones. The list just goes on. And whether itai??i??s via plug or battery, all of these devices have one common need [...]

September 8, 2011

Eco-Friendly Buildings Make Energy Efficiency Top Priority

EcoFriend recently released a list of the five most eco-friendly buildings in the world. While weai??i??ve seen additional lists of green buildings, including a fabulous one from GeekAbout, we wanted to focus on the EcoFriend report because it only includes buildings that have completed construction. This list is a perfect [...]

August 29, 2011

Score a Touchdown with Energy Efficiency

Believe it or not, but we still encounter companies who think that embracing a more energy efficient business model or implementing eco-friendly practices would be too difficult, too expensive or simply not right for their type of facilities. One of my favorite aspects of what we do at Energy Edge [...]

August 4, 2011

Energy Edge Solutions Launches Green Consulting Services

Bridgewater, NJ ai??i?? Energy Edge Solutions (OTCBB: EEDG.OB) announced the launch of its Green Consulting services division. EES now offers a tailored suite of consulting services to building owners, developers, architects and contractors looking to capitalize on the benefits of green building practices, technologies and certifications. Customers who work with [...]

August 3, 2011

Energy Edge Customers Benefit from Partnership to Reduce Energy Costs

Customers in Florida and the Southeast Benefit from Partnership to Reduce Energy Costs   Bridgewater, NJ ai??i?? Energy Edge Solutions (OTCBB: EEDG.ob) announced its strategic partnership with Solar Energy Management, Inc today. Through its new affiliation, Energy Edge is now providing solar power systems, insulation technologies and other energy cost [...]

July 27, 2011

Small Wind Turbines Produce Large Energy Benefits

When we think of harnessing wind energy, we often associate it with massive turbines dotting vast landscapes. However, did you know that there are resources available to harness wind on a much smaller scale? And that these resources can help your business increase energy efficiency and lower utility bills? According [...]

July 12, 2011

Solar Paneling 101: Embrace the Summer Sun

As the sun beats down and bakes most of the country this summer, it just makes sense that we should be harnessing that energy to power our buildings and operations. Solar power provides the perfect channel to turn the sunai??i??s rays into energy and can be implemented on everything from [...]

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