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Senior Staff | Bios

  • Robert Holdsworth

    President & CEO, Robert Holdsworth, launched Energy Edge Solutions to help facilities—from industrial plants to government institutions to commercial properties—meet the demands of rising utility costs and sustainability mandates.

  • Joseph Ragosta, Ph.D.

    Joe Ragosta is Chief Executive Officer of Energy Edge Solutions.

  • John Gerace

    John Gerace is Executive Vice President of EES and fully engages in the various aspects of EES sales, project design and installations.

  • Bill Larew

    Bill Larew assists Energy Edge clients with evaluation of energy saving options and implementation. His broad experience as a senior executive, general manager and entrepreneur help him offer keen insights into the financial aspects of energy cost reduction for our customers.

  • Bill Poulos

    Bill Poulos was the successful founder of a green energy company specializing in energy cost reduction before joining Energy Edge Solutions in 2007.

  • Bob Bailey

    Bob, a native Baltimorean, holds multiple advanced degrees from Loyola and Johns Hopkins Universities.

  • Brett Tyler

    Brett has over 20 years of experience in the construction and energy industries.  From industrial and institutional facilities to high-rise commercial structures, Brett has extensive knowledge of building systems and envelopes.

  • Don Krueger

    Don has been actively engaged in the energy efficiency industry for several years and has performed sales, survey, finance, and administrative services in a variety of sectors, including General Electric manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings, and others.

  • John Glorioso

    John Glorioso works with Energy Edge as Senior Project Manager and Engineer.

  • Kevin E. Corrigan

    Kevin has been working as Managing Director after his own independent energy services firm was acquired by EES in 2008.

  • Larry Greenberg

    Larry Greenberg, our Midwest Regional Manager, was the Managing Director of Energy Cost Reduction Associates before coming to Energy Edge.

  • Maureen Raftery

    Maureen is a highly skilled and experienced executive with more than two decades of progressive experience in energy conservation, strategic planning, market operations, organizational analysis, and international market management.

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