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Early Energy Education Benefits Efficiency Efforts

According to a recent article posted on the Philadelphia Inquirerai??i??s website, Energy Auditor is one of the top new jobs of 2012. We applaud this news and think itai??i??s very encouraging that newer generations are seeing the need for an increase in providing this service ai??i?? whether for residential or commercial sectors.

But, this also got us thinkingai??i??how can we continue to encourage a growth in energy related jobs? Obviously demand will help facilitate this, but demand is only created when people decide that they need or want something. Part of the acquire sildenafil, acquire clomid. solution, in our opinion, is to encourage energy education amongst our countryai??i??s youth.

If we can help children see the importance of making our world doxycycline without prescription, zithromax without prescription. a more sustainable place, the journey to reducing our carbon output will be off to a steady and healthy start by the time they reach adolescence and beyond.

Weai??i??ve compiled a few ideas acquire nolvadex and resources for encouraging your kids to get more involved and, hopefully, more passionate about helping our environment:

Children Gardening

  • Energy Star offers a comprehensive and very engaging website aimed at getting kids more involved in energy savings. From pledging with the Lorax to games, trivia and activities, they really offer a great array of ways to get kids involved.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy also offers a very interactive website full of activities and lessons you can participate in with your child. Additionally, there is a parents and teachers section (as with the Energy Star site) that provides lesson plans and projects to help bring energy conservation into the education curriculum.
  • Involve your children in yard work and gardening. Give them a little plot of land to make their very own ai??i?? from choosing the plants to cultivating them and watching them grow, your children will have a greater understanding for our environment and how it works.
  • Visit our nationai??i??s natural parks and forests. The U.S. has 397 national parks that span from coast to coast and illustrate the multitude of eco-systems found in our country alone. As a bonus, take advantage of any of the several days throughout the year when the National Parks offer free entrance!
  • Give your kids an energy allowance and teach them how keeping appliances and lights turned off or running water as little as possible will help them save money. Start them off each month with a set amount of money and every time they excessively use energy, take some of the allowance away. This will help teach them conservation from a budgetary standpoint as well!

Weai??i??ve already seen some amazing stories of kids taking initiative with and ownership of energy efficiency and think that with continued education, this trend will only grow stronger.

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