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Don’t Let Energy Costs Keep Your Holiday from being Jolly

The holiday season can be a costly one, that’s for sure. However, we think that your energy expenses during this time of year should never overshadow the cheer of the holidays. There are several things you can do to help keep energy bills lower and still maintain a festive home.

If you haven’t already, consider switching your incandescent holiday lights to LED lights. LED lights use light emitting diodes rather than the traditional miniature incandescent bulbs. While they are much like incandescent bulbs, they do not have a filament inside that can burn out and take the entire string of bulbs with it. Instead, they are illuminated by the movement of electrons in a semi-conductor material.

You’ll also benefit with this light source due to the absence of excessive heat and wasted electricity. LED lights use about one tenth the energy used by incandescent bulbs, have very long lifetimes, and are very low maintenance.

LED Christmas lights are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, and can even blink just like the regular incandescent varieties.

Timers are another excellent tool for helping keep energy costs down. Handy for both indoor and outdoor decorations, timers allow you to control how long your decorations stay on and require very little to no effort once set. Timers can range in price from $10 to $50 and higher depending on their use and features, and are available at any home improvement store, discount chains and various online retailers.

If you’d like to  take a proactive approach to understanding your holiday décor energy costs, We Energies created this fantastic holiday decoration energy cost calculator that lets you plug in the type of decoration you’re using (lights, inflatables, etc.), the amount of time you intend to power the décor and your energy billing type and will calculate what your estimated monthly cost will be to keep your home decorated.

Do you typically decorate your home for the holidays? Are you a conservative decorator or more along the lines of Clark Griswold? We’d shudder to think what his energy bills look like!

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