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Eco-Friendly Buildings Make Energy Efficiency Top Priority

EcoFriend recently released a list of the five most eco-friendly buildings in the world. While weai??i??ve seen additional lists of green buildings, including a fabulous one from GeekAbout, we wanted to focus on the EcoFriend report because it only includes buildings that have completed construction.

This list is a perfect illustration that there are so many innovative ways to incorporate energy efficiency into the design of a building. We love that the architects and engineers behind these projects went beyond the basics to include beautiful structural elements as well as money and energy saving technology. The energy efficient aspects of these buildings are celebrated in the designs.

For us, the most exciting buy atarax thing about this list is that three of the five buildings are located in the United States. We hope to continue to see American corporations pioneering the way for a universal movement toward energy efficient construction.

The five buildings include:

Bank of America, New York

This 54-story building uses solar paneling to harness energy, reuses collected rainwater and was created using renewable and recycled raw materials from the New York area.

Clinton Presidential Library, Little Rock

The LEED platinum rated building (the first Federal building to receive this honor) holds a rooftop garden that is used for rainforest harvesting and temperature control. It also has implemented increased recycling technology.

BMW Welt, Munich

An architectural marvel, this building harnesses solar energy at a high rate using both panels and the faAi??ade. This is a perfect example of not sacrificing architectural design for green technology.

BMW Welt

CH2, Melbourne

CH2 utilizes wind doxycycline online, zithromax online. turbines, sewage recycling, thermal mass cooling and photovoltaic cells to make it one of the greenest in the world. Additionally, the buildingai??i??s internal design was created to improve the well being of its occupants.

COR, Miami

Stunning and innovative, buy tadalafil, generic lioresal. this building uses wind turbines, photovoltaic cells, strategic shading, Energy Star appliances, bamboo-lined hallways, recycled glass tile flooring and more.


Do you have a favorite eco-friendly building? Are there any structures in your city that stand out?

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