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CO2 Emissions at All-Time High: Take Action to Reduce Yours Now

While the need to reduce carbon emissions continues to gain attention in the global community, the International Energy Agency (IEA) recently reported that, ai???energy-related carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2010 were the highest in

The IEA estimates that 40 percent of global emissions came from OECD countries in 2010. OECD stands for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and is an international organization of 34 countries founded to stimulate economic progress and world trade. The United States is an OECD country. The great news is that these countries only accounted for 25 percent of emissions growth; however, on a per capita basis, OECD countries collectively emitted 10 tons of CO2.

In 2010, global leaders met in Cancun for the UN climate change talks and agreed to a target of limiting temperature buy neurontin, buy dapoxetine. increase to 2Ai??C (35.6Ai??F) by 2020. In order for this to happen, carbon emissions must rise less in total over the next ten years than they did between 2009 and 2010.

This is very somber news for those of us in the business of reducing carbon emissions. However, not all is lost. If there has ever been a time to take a look at your companyai??i??s energy usage and carbon footprint, it is now. Every move in the direction of energy efficiency is a step toward helping to maintain a neurontin without prescription, dapoxetine without prescription. healthy planet ai??i?? and you get to save money and increase profitability in the process!

As global leaders, it is very important for the U.S. and other OECD countries to continue to cut a path toward reducing carbon emissions in eco-friendly and financially sensible ways. If we can set an example for countries with rapidly accelerating economies, like China and India, perhaps the trend of rising emissions will start buy Flomax online to slow and, ideally, decline.

Our mission is to provide you with a no-hassle, full-service approach to slashing energy costs and minimizing environmental impact. Please contact Energy Edge Solutions for a free energy audit.


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