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Home Energy Tips – Save Money (and Energy) at the Same Time!

Did you know that, according to the Energy Information Agency, the average household spends $95.66 on electricity each month? This isnai??i??t even considering the price of water and gas, just electricity.


Of course, this figure will vary depending on your location, size of your home and the time of year. However, that is still a large amount of money. Most people could think of quite a few ways that theyai??i??d rather spend a hundred bucks.


Fortunately, you donai??i??t have to spend as much as the average consumer. When following these five easy tips, you could begin saving yourself money, as well as energy, month after month.


Five Tips to Lower Your Household Energy Consumption:


1. Use the microwave.

Your microwave is around two-thirds as energy efficient as your oven. Not only will you get to enjoy a faster meal, youai??i??ll actually be enjoying a cheaper meal as well.


2. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs.

Swap your regular light bulbs for CFL or doxycycline online, zithromax online. LED bulbs. While these light bulbs are a bit more expensive, they are 75% more energy efficient, which will make them much cheaper in the long run.


3. Unplug all electronics and other devices when they are not in use.

Even if a device isnai??i??t turned on, it is using electricity just by being plugged in. Many people donai??i??t know this, but they could reduce their electric bill if they would unplug all of their electronics and appliances when they arenai??i??t using them.


4. Change your thermostat.

In the summer, keep your home a few extra degrees warmer. In the winter, let your house be a little cooler than usual. You will probably never notice a few degrees, until you get your utility bill and realize you order nolvadex saved yourself some money.


5. Let your clothes and dishes air dry whenever possible.

Unless youai??i??re in a rush, hang your clothes up to air dry. Also, turn your dish washer off after the dishes are clean. Instead of letting your dishes go through the dry cycle, open acquire dapoxetine, acquire lioresal. the machine door and let them air dry. Theyai??i??ll get dry either way, so you may as well conserve some energy and save yourself a bit of money. After all, every little bit will eventually add up to a lower monthly bill.



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